5G Deployment - A Paradigm Shift 
Carriers face some key challenges in their roll out of 5G.

  • High CAPEX costs

    • AT&T and Verizon alone have allocated $70B to roll out 5G​


  • High operational costs and complexities

    • Disruptions on streets & traffic diversions, antennas & pole attachments, digging streets & cable installations, heavy construction machinery, etc...

  • Lack of support from local city governments

    • High fees for public rights of way, opposition on aesthetic and public safety grounds, cumbersome procedures, confrontation with FCC regulations


Overcoming these challenges will create business opportunities for those who can find the right solutions.


Create a shared network

Our nodes and terminal network will be shared amongst carriers and ISPs achieving scales that will reduce costs dramatically










Secure local government support

We bring cities in as equity partners into each operation, either directly or indirectly through local residents; incentivizing local support, cooperation, and reduction of red tape, animosity and potential high public rights of way costs.











Reduce each carrier’s capex and operational costs

We build the microcell poles (nodes) ourselves and then lease through IRUs to each carrier for 75% of the actual cost, but saving them 25% of building it themselves. Avoid multiple carrier city-wide disruptions.

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Reducing Complexity, Reducing Cost
Reducing Complexity, Reducing Cost
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