A management team with extensive FTTH design, build, operate & marketing knowledge

Edwin Alphonso
Steve Stukas

Edwin Alphonso was involved in New Zealand’s Nationwide fiber-to-the-home Ultra Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband initiative. Over 20 years experience in development of strategic and tactical business plans, corporate M&A, marketing and operations to drive growth, reduce cost and mitigate risks.

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Stephen has over 20 years of Fiber Optic Network Operations, Deployment, Design, Engineering, Construction, and Planning. He has managed large-scale construction upgrades and new build projects, both as a contractor, stakeholder, and owner. Working with budgets ranging from the thousands to over fifty million.

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Steve Gibbard

Steve Gibbard is an expert on interconnection strategy, capacity planning, and performance engineering, for global content delivery. He is an expert on expanding markets and facilitating peering, advised network operators on interconnection strategy.

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Wayne Gunn

Wayne Gunn is an expert on building and scaling Operations for rapidly growing companies. He has led operations for several successful companies and has advised the leadership teams for more than 50 technology and media startups, to increase bottom- and top-line revenues, secure funding, and attract partnerships and buyouts.

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